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Vardenafil is a drug that is used for treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in men. The drug does the job by relaxing the muscles in blood vessel walls and allowing enhancing the flow of blood to the certain parts of the body. This is its main use of this medication, although it might also be taken for some other reasons not mentioned.

The medication is to be used primarily for treating Erectile Dysfunction, and that it is not a protection against any sexually transmitted diseases. It shall not promote instantaneous penile erection but is used as an aid for having a normal intercuts by enabling the penile to maintain an erection for longer time. Men that have issues in achieving penile erection or maintaining it for the requisite length of time often experience relationship issues and depressions, and it is for individuals like these that Vardenafil is most useful. In case, you consume Vardenafil you should not be consuming any other drugs for treating impotence at the same time. Bear in mind that also alcohol is involved in setting the scene for sexual activity, which might enhance the likelihood of experiencing one or more of the possible side effects of consuming impotence medicine.

Vardenafil composed drug is to be consumed orally and in accordance with instructions. Consume the medicine as and when needed, rather than as a course of medication. Man can take it with or without food about an hour before planned lovemaking session, but the medicine should not be consumed for more than once in a day and the individual doses should be kept at least 24 hours apart wherever possible. As with numerous medicines, the particular dosage of Vardenafil is also based on medical condition and on response to the treatment.

Regular dosage of this medicine is 10mg orally as and when needed, which can be increased to 20mg or reduced depending on the effectiveness and individual tolerance. The maximum dosage man can take of Vardenafil is 20mg per day. Men currently taking stable alpha blockers start with 10mg. In men that are aged 65 years and older, initial dosage shall again be lowered once every day, which has to be consumed an hour before sexual activity commences.

Some of the common side effects of consumption of Vardenafil include headaches, upset stomach, flushing, visual disorders, nasal congestion, and dizziness. This drug should not be consumed with medicines containing nitrates and should be consumed with caution by men with existing heart conditions, liver or kidney function problems, or low blood pressure.

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