Avanafil is a strong therapeutic agent that is prescribed for treating a common male sexual disorder – Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The drug is classified under the pharmacological category called PDE5-inhibitors. PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type five) is an enzyme that secretes naturally in the body. The penile organ is one of the most common areas where PDE5 works.

ED, also known as sexual impotence, is a condition in which a man struggles to attain an erection during sexual activity. That’s because his organ fails to receive adequate amount of blood due to clogging of arteries. Avanafil dilates clogged arteries and relaxes penile muscles by boosting nitric oxide. Actually, the drug suppresses the function of PDE5 – this makes the body release nitric oxide. This is how Avanafil plays a vital role in promoting penile erection during foreplay.

The most common generic medicine manufactured by using Avanafil is Avana. It is nothing but one of the versions of generic Stendra, which is as effective as its branded counterpart. It is highly effective in helping men overcome Erectile Dysfunction without producing any severe side effects. It is essential to consult doctor before using Avanafil pills. Remember, sexual stimulation is necessary to reap the benefits. The drug will not work in absence of sexual foreplay.  

Proper Use

Avanafil is a medicinal drug that comes in 50 and 100 mg potencies. Your doctor may prescribe you any of the doses after analyzing your overall condition. The prescribed dose is ought to be taken once in duration of 24 hours, whenever required. Consume pill orally with water, approximately an hour before planning sexual activity. Fatty foods and alcohol may decrease the drug’s effect by hampering the absorption, so avoid them. Never give this medicine to children and teenagers.

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