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V Wash Plus
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    Various researchers and several clinical trials have clearly shown that numerous health’s related problems women have to bear are directly related to unhygienic conditions of their private parts. Doctors now bluntly recommended maintaining proper hygiene of the intimate area of women is needed.

    V Wash Plus solution is an expert hygiene wash product that is specially designed for intimate needs of a woman. It is composed of Lactic Acid formula; and is infused of tea tree oil & sea buckthorn oil, which helps in maintaining the pH balance of the vagina, preventing itchiness, irritation, dryness and leaves you feeling fresh all day long. The usual use of intimate hygiene wash prevents unpleasant odors and complete irritation in the intimate area. The medicine V Wash Plus does not contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) and parabens, which are harmful chemicals that should be avoided in any personal care products.

    Many women fail to understand the importance of maintaining an optimum level of pH at their intimate area. It is not proved that you need to have a pH level of 3.5 to 4.5 in the intimate area. This particular level shall ensure that your private part may start producing lactic acid in a natural way.

    Natural production of the lactic acid shall ensure that you remain away from various issues including itchiness, abnormal, and sudden discharge, and white discharge, bad odor emanating from the private parts and soreness, which is present among the others. It takes place as of the protective layer being formed as of naturally producing lactic acid.

    It is a very common practice for using soap to wash the intimate area. This mighty not led to issues for the majority of women. However, once you are gripped by issues that are mentioned above, it will be hard to get rid of.

    As you might know, that soap comes along the pH level of 8 and above. It means that soap is known to be alkaline in nature. Normal use of water has also the pH level of 7. It means that the desired pH level for the production of natural lactic acid could not be achieved because of such facts.

    For application just take a little bit of V Wash Plus solution on your hand. Simply pour some amount of water on your private part. And then, softly rub the area using V Wash Plus solution. Then simply rinse it off using normal water. There won’t be any side effects of V Wash. There is no issue if the medicine went inside your private part. Hence, stay assured, as you will remain completely safe using this solution.

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