V Wash

V Wash solution by Glenmark is a vaginal wash that promises to keep you clean throughout the day! The solution is an Expert Intimate Hygiene product that has a simple white plastic bottle packaging with a pink cap. Flip open cap has a tiny hole controlling the quantity of wash flowing out. The bottle of solution is small and travel friendly.
Lactic Acid 1.2% w/v composed in this sensational solution that is infused along with tea tree oil and sea buckthorn oil makes medication completely effective for usage. Combination of various natural ingredients in this solution aids women to maintain pH balance of the vagina by preventing conditions like itchiness, irritation, dryness and leaves fresh feeling all day long. 
V wash is a mild and soothes gel based solution and lathers well while applied. Unlike other intimate wash products, this solution won’t give that drying feeling. It is composed with floral fragrance that helps women in menstrual days too. Women with vaginal odor problem can used this solution.
Many ladies believe that these kinds of hygiene washes are not required and soaps can fulfill the required purpose. Soaps are really harsh and dry out the area and moreover they are not soothing at all, whereas this solution does the job and makes you feel fresh
The solution can be easily applied daily, even during those special days of the month. Simply take proper amount of solution during any time of the day and apply gently to intimate area. Along with gently massaging to the external area of vagina apply it as many times as you want. Carefully rinse hands with plain water before and after using the solution. Medication helps women to attain safe and effective results without any chances of side effects.
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