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Doctor for my penile issue prescribed 130mg sildenafil citrate. I found only this P Force Plus pill with 130 mg sildenafil citrate composition. The pill was effective and kept me active for hours!!
Eric Allison


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Penegra 25
Trusted manufacturer Zydus Fortiza composed Penegra 25 pills that are known for dealing with impo..
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Penegra 50
Zydus Fortiza manufactures moderate powered Penegra 50 medicine. The moderate powered medicine is..
USD $42.00
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Penegra 100
Penegra 100 is high powered medicine that is manufactured by famous and trusted Zydus Fortiza man..
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Penegra pills formulated using trusted ED curing formula, Sildenafil Citrate is manufactured by Zydus Fortiza. Medicine treats anomalous working of penile. The medicine works sensationally by enhancing blood supply in the penile region. Medicine enlivens love making endurance within impotent men by allowing then to attain sturdy erection for intercourse. Medicine is assured as it feasts impotence heedless of its cause and age. Magical medicine thwarts circumstances like impotence by allowing sufficient amount of blood flow needed for stiffer erection. 
Medicine mainly works on tissues and blood vessels, by allowing them to act more elastically and releasing enhanced amount of blood flow in the penile. Complete action mechanism of medicine leads in widening penile and further makes it rigid for copulation. Post columniation of session of making love, medicine does not leave any after effects. Penegra category of medication consists of various drugs that vary in strengths of 25mg, 50mg and 100mg.
Zydus Fortiza manufactured this medicine is a trusted solution as it safely relieves Erectile Dysfunction issues from impotent men. High powered drug immunes penile so that it functions effectively by enhancing blood supply. Proper intake of pill leaves its effectiveness for approx. 6 hours and allows impotent men to attain penile erection in presence of sexually stimulation. Side effects out of this Erectile Dysfunction curing medicine are normal and nothing to worry about, as they do not stay for longer time. 
Sildenafil Citrate, composed pill has to be consumed 40 minutes prior sexual intercourse. Taking this medicine in moderation post low fat meals is recommended for best and safe outcomes. Excessive intake of medicine built complications and leads to major side effects and severe reactions that are treated medically. 
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